Over sixty great deals from the top independent wine shops and restaurants in the Twin Cities!

Support our local wine scene during the summer of 2017!

“Wine Dine Deals is what I’ve been waiting for … a way to support my favorite local wine shops and wine-focused restaurants while saving big money along the way.”

Mary from Minneapolis

Special wine offers from Cafe Alma, Black Dog Lowertown, Sen Yai Sen Lek, Gardens of Salonica, Red Cow, Red Rabbit, Tongue In Cheek, Bonicelli Kitchen, and the Campus Club at the University of Minnesota!

Valuable wine offers from Solo Vino, Thomas Liquors, North Loop Wine and Spirits, and Cotroneo's Wine and Spirits! Special offers and discounts not available to the general public. Big savings only for Wine Dine Deal customers!

What is Wine Dine Deals?

Wine Dine Deals is a coupon and special offer book published by Twin Cities Wine Education. In it you’ll find dozens of special offers for our favorite local independent wine shops and wine-oriented restaurants. These offers are good for June, July, and August 2017 and even if you use three offers a week you still won’t get through them all.

Who is included?

Many of your favorite shops and restaurants have great offers in the Wine Dine Deal book. Cafe Alma, Terzo, Solo Vino, Gardens of Salonica, Thomas Liquors, Black Dog Lowertown, Sen Yai Sen Lek, Red Rabbit, North Loop Wine and Spirits, Red Cow, and many more. 

See the Deal Details page for the full list of offers.

What's the goal of Wine Dine Deals?

The goal is simple: drive traffic toward the stores and restaurants that make our wine scene in the Twin Cities dynamic and awesome. These are the independents, the locally owned and family operated businesses that bring vibrancy to our local wine scene. These are the people we want to support.